Providing component solutions for advanced neurotechnology devices

Welcome to Premitec

We are an innovative research and development company focused on creating advanced enabling technologies for life-changing biomedical devices. We employ nano-fabrication techniques and materials (including many which are proprietary) to batch produce precision custom solutions for interfacing with biological signals in various parts of the body. The assemblies are biocompatible, flexible, can contain hundreds of precisely spaced interfaces on an extremely fine pitch, and can be formed to desired three-dimensional shapes to cover a broad range of applications. Integrated electronics can be embedded within the device, fully protected from the harsh environments encountered by implantable systems, to pre-process or condition the biological signals.

We recognize the value of strong collaborations with medical device companies, government institutions, and academia. These collaborations can be highly productive to all parties, allowing for significant achievements that would otherwise be impossible. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact us to explore opportunities.